All about the Carnival of Basel

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Can I Smoke At The Carnival in Basel?

A Whiff of Switzerland’s Smoking Regulations Imagine sauntering through the picturesque Swiss streets, the Alpine air crisp and invigorating. Now, can you light up your favorite cigar or cigarette? Let’s get

Majestic Basler Kunstmuseum: A Symbolic Image of Basel's museum Heritage you should visit.
Museums to Discover in Basel, Switzerland

Discover the captivating museums in Basel, Switzerland, where art, history, and culture blend harmoniously. Embark on a journey through time as you explore renowned masterpieces, immerse yourself in diverse exhibits, and

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What is a “Cliquenkeller” at the Carnival of Basel

Experience the vibrant world of Cliquenkeller during the Carnival of Basel. Discover the underground cellars where participants gather to celebrate with music, food, and drink. Immerse yourself in the joyful revelry

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Carnival of Basel: What to Bring With You

Join the vibrant celebration of the Carnival of Basel! Discover the essentials you need to pack for this colorful event, including costumes, comfortable footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, personal belongings, accessories, and photography

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