A Taste of Tradition: Culinary Delights at the Carnival of Basel 2025

The Carnival of Basel 2025 will be a feast not just for the eyes and ears, but also for the palate. The city’s streets fill with the aroma of traditional dishes that form an essential part of the Fasnacht experience.

Fasnachtskiechli: A Crispy Delight

Fasnachtskiechli are thin, crispy pastries that are a carnival staple. These deep-fried treats, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, are the perfect snack to enjoy as you watch the parades and performances. We are pretty sure there is soon an offer in vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

Flour Soup: A Taste of History

Flour Soup, or Mehlsuppe, is a hearty dish traditionally associated with the carnival. Made with roasted flour, onions, and beef stock, this soup is a warming, savory delight. Enjoy a bowl in the chill of the early morning Morgenstreich, or as a hearty meal during the day.

Zibelewaie: A Savory Treat

Zibelewaie, a savory onion tart, is another traditional dish to savor during Fasnacht. The combination of caramelized onions, creamy filling, and a flaky crust makes this tart a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Sweet Carnival Treats

Don’t forget to sample the sweet treats on offer. From “Fasnachtschüechli,” little carnival cakes, to “Fastenwähe,” a caraway-seed flavored pretzel, these goodies add a sweet note to the carnival’s culinary symphony.

As you gear up for the Carnival of Basel 2025, make sure to savor these culinary delights. They are not just food, but a part of Basel’s rich carnival tradition.

And one last thing: Please, if you are vegan or in the need of gluten-free meals, say so. Please let the vendors and sellers know, that there is a request for it.

Thank you.

Picture of Bastian Peter

Bastian Peter

Bastian Peter is immersed all year in the Carnival of Basel. Since almost 20 years, Peter is the 'Larvenmacher' (mask maker) at the Atelier Charivari, and a dedicated devotee of the Carnival of Basel's traditions and culture. With nearly two decades of experience, he's been creating distinctive masks at the Larven Atelier Charivari, the family-run Larven Atelier in Basel, Switzerland, established in 1976.

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